What we are not:

We provide e-mail services only.

We are not an internet service provider; that is, we do not provide you with a broadband connection to your home. (If you need an internet provider and live between Wickenburg and Circle City, you can call Grand Avenue Broadband for service.)

What we offer you is the freedom to choose any ISP you want, and change it as often as you can find a better deal, without worrying about interruptions in your mail service.

We are not a web-hosting service, an IRC service, a shell-account provider, or a USENET news host.

We are also not a public accommodation. We accept only subscribers with addresses in Wickenburg and the region bounded by Congress, Aguila, and Morristown/Circle City. We intend to reserve addresses at wickenburg.us for people with actual addresses in and around Wickenburg, US.

We offer a permanent e-mail presence for an attractive price. We hope you'll agree.